Sunday, 16 March 2014

surveillance software

Active Webcam, software for web camera for security systems Today, there is need of extreme safety and security in this busy and crowded world. new innovative ideas has over climbed timely to meet the issues regarding safety. pysoft has invented new technology which can simultaneous record and broadcast live recorded videos from unlimited number of cameras. one can set this camera in motion recording system as well. any moving objects seen will be timely recorded and presented with sound and crystal clear video with alarm. with extremely powerful lens, one can zoom in the footage with high resolution and can seek the unseen fact. It can be used in office, home, shopping mall or any business centres, which can keep eye surround you 24 hour a day providing strong scene of safety and security. The unique qualities of this cam are:Storing video data on DVD can remotely access it from anywhere. It carries local and remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera control system. it has ability to record while search function is operating.

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